Tavern's Menu

Hey, again you made it to our menu! well, all our food & drinks are all listed here just click the buttons to which part of the menu you wish to visit. We have lots of food and very good drinks for you to pick from all fresh from Hyrule's best. All our food is family-friendly besides our booze area. We even have a kid's menu it's not very big but kids don't eat a lot oh with every kid's menu they get a toy! Oh, don't forget to check out the milk bar for all the best milk you ever had! Anyways Enoy!

Drink Menu

Alcohol Menu

Fairy Tonic 10k

The Fairy Tonic is made with Fairy extract, wine, and cherries juice for the sweet flavor. It is chilled and served with ice to give it a bit of a slushie texture.

Green Potion 6k

Green Potion is made with vodka and apple juice. We added a sour type of sweeter for the sour apple taste. It's best served with no ice so it gives a smooth strong taste.

Red Potion 8k

Red Potion is a hot drink that has a very strong kick to it. It is made with rum with a hint of cinnamon to give it a strong hot kick, there is even Goron spice added to the drink to give it a spicy flavor.

Blue Potion 9k

Blue Potion is a chilled drink with blue ice straight from the ice cavern the ice gives the drink a cooling mist effect to the drink. It is made with vodka and a dash of mint for the cooling flavor of the drink, it even has a hint of blueberry juice as well for its sweetness.

Non-Alcohol Menu

Spring Water Free

The Springwater comes fresh from Lake Hyrule. The cleanest and purest water in all of the kingdom of Hyrule.

Fairy Water 600

Fairy water comes from the fairy fountains, it wasn't easy to get our hands on since we had to find the hidden fountains that were hidden all over Hyrule. One sip of this water will make you feel really good and it's so fresh it will leave you wanting more of it. It's also known as a great body cleanser as well if you wish to remove toxins from your body.

Forest Juice 500
(ask for the flavor)

The forest juice is made with fresh fruit all from the lost woods. It wasn't easy to find our way out of there with the basket of fruit for this drink but we did, but may have lost someone maybe? anyways we have lots of flavors so just ask for which one you want.

Royal Tea 2k

The Royal Tea is made with tea leaves all grown from Princess Zelda's garden with very rich leaves very well grown all watered with Fairy water to make them very pure and rich flavor. Every sip is balanced to perfection best to drink while it's hot.

Korok Coffee 3k

Korok Coffee is made with the best Korok seeds they grew these seeds deep within the Korok Forest. The seeds are watered with the Great Deku Tree's water which is so rare to come by. It was so nice of them to give us some of their seeds so we can serve everyone in a coffee form. Again best to drink it while it's hot, I wouldn't drink it black cause it will have a very strong bitter taste to it that makes you not wish to drink it anymore, always best to take it with cream or milk. Even sugar gives it a very good flavor.

Kokiri Green Tea 900

The children of Kokiri Forest started to grow green tea leaves. The leaves made for this tea were grown in very rich soil and watered normally in their gardens. This tea has a strong taste to it but it's very well blended you don't even notice the strongess to it. It's okay to drink this both hot and cold it's good either way.

Gerudo Soda 800

The Gerudo Soda is a new line of drinks from their city, it is made with Gerudo Oasis water. It has a good kick to it but it makes it so much better to drink it, it is loaded with sugar so be careful drinking too much of this or you may get very hyper.

The Milk Bar

Hyrule Milk 500

Hyrule Milk is just common everyday milk from Hyrule's cows. The cows are all on Hyrule's farms all very well-loved and taken care of. The milk isn't that thick since it has more water in it to help water it down a bit and it's low fat.

Lon Lon Milk 600

Lon Lon Milk is richer and all straight from Lon Lon Ranch, they are known for having the best milk in the land not sure what makes the milk so good and so rich. Our guess is that Malon sings to them every day. We are not sure but we love it.

Chateau Romani 800

Now, this milk is very rare and something about it. It comes from the cows on Romani's ranch we have no idea what they do to their cows to make milk that powers you up and makes you feel full of energy. It's so rich and creamy really good, but it is thicker than the other kinds of milk we have it has more fat in it but something about this milk is very out of this world.

Food Menu

Appetizers Menu

Grandma's Soup 5k

Now Grandma's soup is very delicious. Now is made with ground chorizo, chopped onion, garlic, sherry, chicken stock, corn kernels, creamed corn, salt, pepper, chopped pear, and coconut milk.All mixed together to give us a very delicious soup very creamy and smooth with every bite.
This dish comes as it is.

Pumpkin Soup 6k

Now for the famous pumpkin soup, this is a good soup for cold nights. Now, this soup is made with seeded and peeled pumpkin, chopped onions, cloves of garlic, fish stock, goat cheese, cream, fresh basil, olive oil, salt & pepper, and chopped carrots, and Salmon filet.That friendly Yedi was so nice to give us the recipe for this soup he made for his wife. This is best for cold nights or even for a snack. The soup is thick with chunks of salmon and thick melty cheese.
This dish comes with a breadstick for dipping. Also, the bowl is a small baby pumpkin.

Spicy Sauteed peppers 6k

Now if you are a lover of spice and peppers here's something food for you to try! Now they are cooked in a large heavy skillet, with vegetable oil, chiles, salt & pepper, and add some soya sauce for more flavor.These peppers just pop with a flavor of spice from the Gorons, they know how to make spices. Every bite is a blast of hot flavor that can burn your mouth if you eat too many of these.
This dish just comes as it is, with a side of dipping sauce.

Kokiri Salad 3k

Kokiri Salad is a very easy mix of fresh lettuce with chopped tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and celery. topped with croutons and a smooth dressing that's not too strong or too sweet.The Kokiri's won't tell us what's in the dressing but they said it's made with love and the oils of some of the veggies they grew in their gardens. Whatever is in it, it's so sweet and salty and not too oily even has a hint of zest.
This dish comes as it is.

Dinner Menu

Crab stir fry 7k

Crab stir-fry. how we make this. One large Crab, scallions, oyster sauce, sugar, ground white pepper, cornstarch, canola oil, cloves of garlic, smashed, piece of ginger, Shaoxing wine, and Steamed white rice.The crab's shell isn't too hard to break apart and the meat is so tender once you remove it from the shell the sauce that it's cooked in has a hot zest taste to it, making you want to dip the meat into it. Even all the veggies are cooked just right with so many blends of flavors altogether.
This comes with rice and a dinner roll and mixed veggies.

Spicy Pepper Steak 11k

How we make this yummy meal. A large piece of T-bone steak, salt & pepper, canola oil, green pepper, julienned, chopped onion, and garlic clove.The thick steak is so juicy and tender so it's not hard to chew, and the mix of spicy peppers and Goron spices makes it a hot plate of meat and veggies.
This dish comes with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.

Prime meat and rice bowl 9k

This dish is made with cooked rice, sesame oil, prime beef chunks, cloves of garlic, minced, soy sauce, grated ginger, brown sugar, hot sauce, carrots, chopped green onions, toasted sesame seeds, and red pepper flakes.The beef used in this dish is so tender and juicy that we cooked it over a fire to give it a smoky taste to it, and all the spices mixed into the meat make it burst with a flavor that makes you want more.
This dish comes with rice and mixed veggies.

Salmon Meunière 10k

This dish is made with salmon fillets, kosher salt, flour, black pepper, butter, grated lemon zest, lemon juice, parsley, and drained capers.The fish was fried just right with not too much oil. And the creamy sauce that's over the meat is so creamy with a hint of sweetness that doesn't kill the flavor of the other spices in the dish.
This dish comes with a salad and fried tomatoes.

Curry Rice 8k

This dish is made with cooked rice, curry roux, brown onions, potatoes, carrots, olive oil, cloves of garlic, grated apple, honey, salt & pepper, fukushinduke, and Worcestershire sauce.The rice is steamed just right in the rice cooker with the thick curry sauce on the side that is blended with many other spices that even has a hint of sweetness from the apple and honey mixed into the sauce the honey isn't powering so it has a smooth mix.
This dish comes with rice and a dinner roll.

Hyrule Omelet 5k

This dish is made with onions, butter, carrots, ham, cooked rice, soy sauce, peas, cheese, salt & pepper, Canola oil, and last ketchup to top it off.This omelet has thick gooey cheese that's all melty keeping all the stuff together and adding the ketchup gives it the sweet and salt flavor to make this dish complete.
This dish comes with mixed veggies.

Gourmet Meat Stew 6k

This dish is made with olive oil, Beef diced, potatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms, wine, bay leaves, thyme, cream, and a chicken leg with chopped pork as well.This stew's broth is very thick almost like gravy, with a mix of beef, pork, and chicken...wasn't easy to kill one of those chickens they all attack us when we killed a few. Anyways with the meat all mixed together with the thick broth and mixed with the veggies it gives it a hardcore meat flavor but is not overpowering. The veggies give it a balanced flavor of creaminess and spice.
This dish comes with bread for dipping.

Glazed Meat 12k

This dish is made with salt, beef, and pork chunks, ground pepper, red miso, soy sauce, mirin, sugar, grated fresh ginger, and Vegetable oil.This is a meaty dish but very sweet with the honey and sugar mixture into the sauce, yet it's not a gross sweet it's a very delicious flavor
This dish comes as it is but with a dinner roll on the side.